Online Requests for Campus Announcements

There are various locations to publicize campus related events.  Click on the links below for the request forms and department websites who manage these locations.

Digital Sign in Corbett Center (CCSU), 1st floor.

Digital sign in Corbett Center (CCSU), 1st floor.

Digital Signage Request

Request to post on the campus TV screens.

Canvas Homepage Request

Request to post an announcement on the Dashboard of Canvas. Visible to users when they login.

myNMSU Homepage Request

Request to post an announcement on the entry page of myNMSU, which is visible to users when they login. 
Quick steps on completing the request for an announcement on myNMSU:

1)    Login with your NMSU username and password

2)    Click “Tickets” > “New Ticket” > “New IT Requests”

3)    Fill in the form fields:
–  Requestor’s email: email you want to cc.
–  Subject: select from “Product List” – “myNMSU”
–  B
rowse and attach a file (you must have your image ready to post, sized to 768 X 432 pixels  – format as PDF and PowerPoint)
–  Describe the issue below: D
escribe what you want to post in the text box.  Include the alternative text (required for all submission), which is a description that can appear if the image is not viewable (see University Communications Web Site Principles & Recommendations page for details).  If you want the image clickable, include the link you want attached to your image.
–  C
ompletion date: date you are requesting the image/ad to be posted by.
–  Contact number: provide a phone number you can be reached at
–  Environment: “Production”

4)    When the form fields are completed, click “Create ticket”