Each semester students are given an allotment “printing” that can be used at any of the printing stations located around campus. Full time students receive $20.00. Part time students receive $10.00. First portion is deposited the first day of classes and the remaining balance is deposited after the census date for NMSU. To use the print station students will need their student Aggie ID Card.

Aggie Print Station Locations


Two WEPA print stations standing side by side.

WEPA Print Station

A Pharos print station

Pharos Print Station

WEPA printers:
Black and White: $0.10 one-sided, $0.15 double-sided   
Color: $0.50 one-sided, $0.75 double-sided
Visit wepanow.com to print from anywhere!

Pharos printers:
Black and White: $0.10 one-sided, $0.15 double-sided
Color: $0.10 one-sided, $0.20 double-sided


Student Success Center 128, 1st floor (HJLC)
Pharos - Black & White
Zuhl Library, 1st floor (ZL)
WEPA - Black & White and Color
Pharos - Black & White
Knox Hall (KN)
Pharos - Black & White
Breland Hall 175 (BD)
Pharos - Black & White
Math Success Center (WH)
Pharos - Black & White
Pete's Place Lab, Corbett Center, 2nd floor (CCSU)
WEPA - Black & White and Color
Computer Center Building Hallway (CP)
Pharos - Black & White
Milton Hall 014 and 157 (MH)
Pharos - Black & White
Vista Del Monte (VDM)
Pharos - Black & White and Color
Corbett Center, 1st Floor (CCSU)
WEPA - Black & White and Color
Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center (HJLC)
WEPA - Black & White and Color
O'Donnell Hall 041 (OH)
Pharos - Black & White
English Building 102 (EN)
Pharos - Black & White
Fulton 149 (FAC)
Pharos - Black & White
O'Donnell Hall 033-3rd Floor (OH)
Pharos - Black & White
Business Complex 309 (BC)
WEPA - Black & White and Color

How to Print with WEPA

Lab Computer




Cloud Storage


  • Select any of the WEPA printers.

  • Select print and wait for a login page to show up.

  • Login and go to the nearest WEPA kiosk.

  • Go to: wepanow.com.

  • Upload the file into your account.

  • Head towards your nearest WEPA kiosk.

  • Go to a WEPA kiosk.

  • Plug in your USB.

  • A window should appear with available printing files.

  • Download the WEPA Print app.

  • Go to the document you wish to print.

  • When opening the document, select "Open in WEPA print."

  • Go to a WEPA kiosk.

  • Select cloud storage.

  • Sign in and the available printing files should appear.

  • Attach your document to an email

  • Send to print@wepanow.com

  • Use the provided WEPA code to print your document at any WEPA station

Students: Sign-in using your NMSU student account.
Visitors: Use the Guest User option.

You’re done!  Your printing job should be completed shortly.