Each semester students are given an allotment “printing” that can be used at any of the printing stations located around campus. Full time students receive $20.00. Part time students receive $10.00. First portion is deposited the first day of classes and the remaining balance is deposited after the census date for NMSU. To use the print station students will need their student ID.

Aggie Print Station Locations

For additional information on locating one of the following buildings, please consult the NMSU Online Map. WEPA stations

The cost of printing in the computer labs using Aggie Print are:

Black and White: $0.10 one-sided, $0.15 double-sided

Color: $0.50 one-sided, $0.75 double-sided

Activity Center 206 (Black & White) Zuhl Library, 1st floor (WEPA-Black & White and Color) Knox Hall (Black & White)
Student Success Center 128 (Hardman & Jacobs, 1st floor) (Black & White) Math Success Center (Black & White) Pete’s Place Lab, Corbett Center, 2nd floor (WEPA-Black & White and Color)
Breland Hall 175 (Black & White) Milton Hall 014 (Black & White) Vista Del Monte
Black & White: $0.10 one-sided and $0.15 double-sided  
Color: $0.49 one-sided and $0.75 double-sided 
Computer Center Building Hallway (Black & White) Milton Hall 157 (Black & White)
Corbett Center, 1st Floor (WEPA-Black & White and Color) O’Donnell Hall 041 (Black & White)
English Building 102 (Black & White) O’Donnell Hall 033-3rd Floor (Black & White)
Fulton 149 (Black & White)