ICT Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

General Policies:

  1. All renters must abide by the Administrative Rules and Procedures of the New Mexico State University Information & Communications Technologies usage and policy.
  2. Agreement: Equipment Rental Program is provided for Main Campus Students, Staff, and approved affiliates of NMSU.
  3. Purpose: The purpose of the rental program exists to provide an affordable alternative to purchasing equipment.
  4. University Liability: The University shall assume no responsibility for theft, misplacement, or destruction of the equipment listed in the agreement. Sole responsibility is placed on the undersigned renter of this agreement.
  5. Location: All rental equipment must be returned by the renter to ICT Student Technology and Planning (STP) at Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center, Room 103
  6. Student Payments: All rentals must be paid at the time of check-out with a check or money order, no cash payment will be accepted. After the semester, renewals can be paid in advance. ICT does not bill the students account unless they fail to pay the invoice, which will be due immediately. If payment is not received, all past due and current charges will be transferred to NMSU University Accounts Receivable for collection. University Accounts Receivable charges a 10% fee for collection and may place a hold on student’s record and registration until full payment is received.
  7. Department Charges: All departments will provide an index number at the time of rental. Departments will be billed for the rentals at the staff/faculty rates listed at https://studentech.nmsu.edu/equiprental/.

ICT Equipment Rental Program

  1. Equipment Liability: The undersigned of this agreement established their acceptance of the condition of the equipment and therefore becomes the standard for the condition of the equipment at the termination of the contract. The renter specifically agrees to be liable for the damage of other loss incurred to the equipment that is not the result of regular wear and tear from proper use. The renter agrees to pay such damages to NMSU upon demand. Damages, (except for normal wear and tear) should be reported to NMSU ICT STP immediately for possible repair or replacement of the equipment.
  2. Charges for daily, weekly and monthly: The renter will make payment at the time of rental. Additional charges will be incurred to renters account for damages attributable to the renters negligence. The replacement fee for equipment lost, damaged, or stolen will be calculated as the current cost of the replacement. Failure to return equipment will result in a late charge of $10 per day. If the renter fails to return equipment after seven (7) days, a replacement charge will be applied and sent to Accounts Receivable. All outstanding balances must be paid by the renter prior to the future check-out from the Equipment Rental Program. Weekends DO count as late days.
  3. Semester rentals: Semester rentals are due on the exact due date given. Failure to return equipment will result in being charged the full replacement cost of the rented equipment.