Internet (Wireless)

New Mexico State University network is known as AggieAir, whether you are using wired or wireless connections, you can access internet from anywhere on campus.

Register your devices to AggieAir

In order to connect to the NMSU network, you must register your device by completing the network registration process

Accessing the NMSU Internet

NMSU offers various ways to access the internet and internal sites while on-campus. Click the links below for instructions and more information on connecting to NMSU’s network.

  • Wireless (AggieAir) – Open a browser on campus, you will be redirected to to register your device. You must have an NMSU username and password to connect. For wireless locations, see the Campus Computers page.
  • Aggie Guest- Friends and family visiting NMSU Las Cruces can access the internet for increments of 60 minutes. Users will need to reauthorize for additional time. To connect to AggieGuest, open a browser and accept the terms and conditions to join the AggieGuest network.
  • AggieAir-WPA2: Click to find instructions on accessing this secure wireless network.

List of Wireless Locations

 For help connecting the NMSU network, contact the Help Desk (575) 646-1840 or