Pricing Breakdown

ONLY checks and money order will be accepted for rentals
Please make payments out to NMSU-TELE

Students Rentals 

Equipment    Daily†     Weekly
  (5 DAYS)  
  Monthly      Semester  
Laptop   Free   $10.00   $40.00   $100.00
Projector*   Free   $10.00    $40.00       N/A
Digital Camera   Free      N/A      N/A       N/A
iPad     Free   $10.00     $40.00   $100.00

Daily laptops DO NOT save work once it has been shut down and rentals are from 8:00AM – 4:30pm

*Screen available upon request with projector rental.

*Equipment late fee charge is $10 per day (up to $50)


Staff/Faculty Rentals

Equipment   Daily      Weekly
  (5 DAYS)  
  Monthly     Semester  
Laptop $10.00    $25.00   $100.00   $200.00
Projector* $10.00    $25.00     $100.00      N/A
Digital Camera  $10.00      N/A      N/A      N/A
iPad $10.00    $25.00   $50.00    $100.00

*Screen available upon request with projector rental.

Index numbers are accepted by NMSU Departments.


Desktop Printers

We have up to two desktop printers available for checkout for one week to a semester.  See the table below for charges.

  (5 DAYS)  
  Monthly     Semester  
Desktop Printer     $25.00   $50.00   $100.00


*The rental printer will come with an ink cartridge. Every new ink cartridge opened after will be charged in addition to the rental.  Ink cartridge costs $25.